A quick Q&A session

Questions and Answers from the about files

So this is your website?
Youre Icelandic, right?
Living in Iceland?
Youve had thorarinn.com since 1999, isnt that right?
Thats right.
Do you always give such short answers?
Why is this website in this mixture of English and Icelandic?
Ive always liked the fact that I can read the websites of people in other countries when they are written in English. So I try to give all the basic information in English - in case somebody accidentially stumbles in. However my diary is in Icelandic, since I write a lot faster that way - and most of my friends (and all of my family) read Icelandic.
Is there a Danish version planned?
Jeg stoler p, at mine danske skolekammerater godt kan forst engelsk. Og det er kompliceret nok med denne blanding af islandsk og engelsk.
So, whats with your name? Thorarinn, it sounds a bit elvish doesnt it?
You are probably thinking of the leader of the dwarfs in The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield. Tolkien got his name (rinn) from a list of dwarf names in the Old Norse Edda Poem "Vlusp".
Is it a dwarfs name then?
No, actually it is the name of Thor, the Old Norse god of thunder. (Whom Thirsday is named after.) rarinn is a conjunction of r (Thor) + ari (an old word meaning eagle).
But why are you called Toro?
rarinn is a rather long name and I dont like any of the traditional Icelandic nicknames associated with it. Tr was a suggestion from a friend of mine in college, based on the Spanish bull. I liked it and it has stuck with me since. (It is also a lot easier to pronounce for foreigners than rarinn.)

This is where the stalker feast really begins. The lowdown on me, my website and all the details that nobody cares about - but I still think are interesting.

Allra handa upplsingar um mna persnu og ennan vef. Sitt lti af hverju, en eflaust of miki fyrir suma.