A quick Q&A session

Questions and Answers from the about files

So this is your website?
You´re Icelandic, right?
Living in Iceland?
You´ve had thorarinn.com since 1999, isn´t that right?
That´s right.
Do you always give such short answers?
Why is this website in this mixture of English and Icelandic?
I´ve always liked the fact that I can read the websites of people in other countries when they are written in English. So I try to give all the basic information in English - in case somebody accidentially stumbles in. However my diary is in Icelandic, since I write a lot faster that way - and most of my friends (and all of my family) read Icelandic.
Is there a Danish version planned?
Jeg stoler på, at mine danske skolekammerater godt kan forstå engelsk. Og det er kompliceret nok med denne blanding af islandsk og engelsk.
So, what´s with your name? Thorarinn, it sounds a bit elvish doesn´t it?
You are probably thinking of the leader of the dwarfs in The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield. Tolkien got his name (Þórinn) from a list of dwarf names in the Old Norse Edda Poem "Völuspá".
Is it a dwarf´s name then?
No, actually it is the name of Thor, the Old Norse god of thunder. (Whom Thirsday is named after.) Þórarinn is a conjunction of Þór (Thor) + ari (an old word meaning eagle).
But why are you called Toro?
Þórarinn is a rather long name and I don´t like any of the traditional Icelandic nicknames associated with it. Tóró was a suggestion from a friend of mine in college, based on the Spanish bull. I liked it and it has stuck with me since. (It is also a lot easier to pronounce for foreigners than Þórarinn.)

This is where the stalker feast really begins. The lowdown on me, my website and all the details that nobody cares about - but I still think are interesting.

Allra handa upplsingar um mna persnu og ennan vef. Sitt lti af hverju, en eflaust of miki fyrir suma.