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The one with the rest...

Here are some pictures I like, but don´t fit the other image categories.

Some pastels

An abstract experiment

My main problem when it comes to drawing is finding a motive, and my abstracts tend to be formulaic. This picture is created using a technique I learnt from a friend of mine who is an artist and calls himself Biurf. (Or used to, now his more grown up and uses his full name; Birgir Rafn Friðriksson.)

pastel picture

The technique is to start by doing a abstract picture of some sort, and then cut a rectangular hole in a piece of paper to find an interesting detail in the picture. This detail is then drawn again in a bigger scale creating a new picture.

The original was my attempt to stylize a flower drawing from a water-coloring book.

pastel picture

I then used a cut-out paper to find an area to magnify. The area is marked with a white border in the original.

My first attempt was done in the original colors.

pastel picture

I then did it again, this time with a bold red color for background with a splash of orange and less details. The result is the large image above.

A touch of reality?

The following is my favorite drawing that is actually meant to resemble something real. It is supposed to be what is called "rofabarð" in Icelandic, where erosion has eaten away the vegetation to form a sort of dry land wave.

pastel picture

The idea was to do another similar picture with a blue ocean wave - but I´ve never gotten around to it.

And then what?

I must admit I haven´t been as efficient in my pastelling as I should have. In the last few years I´ve only dusted off my pastels once in a while, most often to create cheap (but personal) presents for my friends on special occations.

Unfortunately I haven´t scanned any of them, which is a shame since some of them are actually decent.

But who knows. One day I´ll grow tired of all this digital stuff and then I´ll perhaps create something astonishing...

My sister and herself

The obligatory Photoshop faking project...

The following picture shows my sister Margrét 17 years old with herself at 4 years.

twice my sister

There is a striking resemblance - isn´t there?

I used two pictures, one from Christmas 2000 and one that probably is taken at Christmas 1987 (I´m the tall handsome one in a gray suit and white socks).

Christmas 2000Christmas 1987

Both pictures are taken from a very similar angle and by using the radiator visible in the background I was able to adjust the scale so the proportions should be fairly accurate.

After slightly modifying the lighting and shadows a rather convincing photo was ready. (I think.)

The creation of Free Pron

This desktop is dedicated to my friend Már (and former co-worker). He has managed to get his site quite high in google when searching for "free pron" - as an attempt to trick badly typing porno admirers.

Free Pron

It is created from this picture taken of Már during a lunch break...


...And this collage where I took some dubious images from the web and blended them together. The idea was to get something that was borderline erotic, but without the viewer being able to see but vague outlines indicating nudity.

Dubious images

When I thought of mixing these two together the result was far more interesting than I had imagined.

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That´s about it.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

And hopefully some good fun was had by all.