The artistic urges of being Icelandic

It seems that every Icelander has the dream of publishing a novel, an album, a feature film or to put up an art exhibition of some sort.

I wouldn´t go so far as to call it a social requirement, but it definitely is encouraged. In fact this might be one of the reasons that an Icelandic culture exists at all!

For a nation with a population of only 280 thousand, a large portion must participate if there is to be any culture to speak of. (If you come to think about it, there are streets in the larger cities with similar population).

Keeping with the flow, I of course have ambitions about my first novel. Having already had a poem by me published in Iceland´s largest newspaper (which of course isn´t so large compared to most newspapers) this seems like the next logical step. (The fact that the poem was sent in just for fun does not make it any less important).

However, as I suspect that writing a novel might take some time, I´m not sure when it will be finished - and it probably won´t be for the next few months. Of course it will be written in Icelandic (part of the paradox is that no-one becomes rich writing only for Icelanders so we all have to keep our day jobs).

Until I publish the novel (or parts of it) here, there are some short stories and various other texts to be found here. None in English I´m afraid, but that´s just the way it is.

I don´t remember exactly when I wrote this, but it was probably around 2001.

Since then, I´ve scrapped any ideas about a novel, but I have found out that it probably is easier to write a play and get it performed than to get a novel published.

After making this discovery I´ve written one short play which was chosen for a festival of short theatrical pieces in the largest theatre in Iceland - of which I´m rather proud.

The play involves an assasain, a porn actor and a devils advocate, all of them stuck in an elevator. And then the plot thickens...